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How We Got Here & What Keeps Us Here

In 2011, at the tail end of the recession, the opportunity came about to open our own pest control company. Taking it as an answered prayer, we began building our business motto. We're honest, hard working people who happened to be caught up in one of the worst cities to be in during the recession. With pest control being almost a "necessary luxury", we wanted to offer uncomplicated, affordable, honest pest control services at a reasonable price, no strings attached. 

"Pay for what you need, when you need it"

is what we came up with. It's simple, easy, and 10 years later not only has that motto successfully worked for us but it continues to work. We still operate our business with hard working people in mind. And to be honest, it's evolved from "hard working people" to "hard working neighbors, friends, and fellow

Vegas Strong locals that keep this beautiful city going.

- ZERO CONTRACTS. From day one, we promised to never bind customers with a contract that had early cancellation fees or nonsense initial start up fees. Another recession could happen and the last concern should be canceling a pest control contract because of a fee.

- COMPETITIVE PRICES. Our prices are not the cheapest in town and we never want to be the cheapest. We believe you get what you pay for from the products used to the kind of technician that shows up at your door and the service provided - it's true. Our prices have always been competitive and will continue to remain competitive.

- QUALITY PRODUCTS. We choose to use reputable top shelf products known in our industry. Our go-to products not only contain both synthetic and organic ingredients offering the best of both worlds but is safe for our furry pets to be around while effectively keeping the bugs away.

- CUSTOMER SERVICE. After spending more than 20 years in the service industry, giving personable, friendly, and always professional customer service comes natural to us at Provisions Pest Control. From the first initial phone call into our office to the first service visit and every contact with us thereafter, we pride ourselves with consistent customer service that our customers can expect and rely on.

- TRANSPARENCY WITH OUR SERVICES. During your initial phone call with us, we want to hear from you. Knowing what your pest needs are equips us to offer what would work best for you and your home. We will never sell you a pest service that you do not need nor create a pest service package that is unnecessary. And we definitely don't use any scare tactics like telling you your neighbor Sue has a scorpion infestation when you don't even have a neighbor named Sue. We happily share our professional advice and let you decide. 

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